Gregoris Mentzas

Ph.D. Symposium co-chair
National Technical University of Athens

Rudi Studer

Ph.D. Symposium co-chair
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Dunja Mladenic

Ph.D. Symposium co-chair
Jozef Stefan Institute

Call for contributions for PhD Symposium at TheWebConf2021

The Web Conference 2021 invites contributions to the PhD Symposium session.

PhD students are encouraged to submit their ongoing research related to the broad topics of the World Wide Web. The 2021 edition especially welcomes submissions related to studies that improve understanding of the Web, introduce socio-technical advances, increase democratization of many aspects of life, and address innovations, opportunities and dangers of Artificial Intelligence integrated in a variety of services.

The goal of the PhD Symposium is to provide a platform for PhD students to present and receive constructive feedback on their ongoing PhD research. Students at different stages of their research will have the opportunity to present and discuss their research questions, goals, methods and results. The symposium aims to provide students guidance on various aspects of their research from established researchers and other PhD students working in research areas related to the World Wide Web and associated fields. Finally, the symposium aims to enable PhD students to interact with other participants of The Web Conference and potential collaborators by stimulating the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Two-page abstracts of the accepted submissions will be published in the Companion Proceedings of The Web Conference 2021 and will be made available through the ACM Digital Library.


The PhD Symposium is open to all PhD students. PhD students at the beginning stages of their doctoral work are particularly welcome when they have a well-defined problem statement and some ideas about the solution that they would like to discuss. PhD students in a more advanced stage of their work should still have sufficient time before completing their dissertation to be able to benefit from the symposium experience.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be written based on the following structure, which focuses on the key methodological components required for a sound research synthesis:

  • Abstract – A self-sustained short description of the research
  • Problem – Describe the core problem of the PhD and motivate its relevance
  • State of the art – Briefly describe relevant related work
  • Proposed approach – Present the proposed approach and motivate how this is novel with respect to existing works
  • Methodology – Sketch the methodology that is (or will be) adopted and, in particular, the approach to be taken for evaluating the results of the work
  • Results – Describe the current status of the work and any results that have been reached so far
  • Conclusions and future work – Conclude and specify the major items of future work

Useful tips for writing research papers can be found here <>.

Submissions must be no longer than 5 pages and must be formatted in the style of the TheWebConf2021 submissions <> (based on the ACM SIG Proceedings style). Papers must be in PDF (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) format. Submissions that do not comply with the formatting guidelines will be rejected without a review.

Submissions must be single-author, on the topic of the doctoral work. The name of the supervisor must be clearly marked («supervised by …») on the paper, under the author’s name.


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Review Process

All submissions will be reviewed by the PhD Symposium Chairs and the PhD Symposium Program Committee composed of experienced researcherswho will provide feedback and suggest future research directions. The goal of the review is to identify participants who are most likely to benefit from the Symposium and invite as many as possible to participate.


Important dates

  • Submission deadline (five-page paper): Feb 15th, 2021
  • Notification of acceptance: Feb 25th, 2021
  • Final version (two-page abstract): March 4th, 2021
  • Ph.D. Symposium: April 20th, 2021

All deadlines are 23:59 anywhere on earth (UTC-12).

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