Srijan Kumar

Student scholarship co-chair

Shobeir Fakhraei

Student scholarship co-chair

Ben Steichen

Student scholarship co-chair
Cal Poly Pomona

The Web Conference 2021 Student Scholarship Program is intended to help student authors attend The Web Conference 2020. If you are currently a student (or were a student at the time of submitting your paper) and you are interested in attending The Web Conference 2021, you can apply for a scholarship to support your costs for registration. Scholarship selections will be made based on several criteria, and you will be notified shortly after the application deadline if you were selected.

Selection criteria

We particularly encourage applications from minority students and students from under-represented institutions.

Among student authors, students who are first authors will have higher priority. (Please include accepted paper and author information in your application if available)

Among students who do not have an accepted presentation at the conference, priority will be given to students who made an (unsuccessful) submission. (Please include this information in you application if available)

Graduate students will be given higher priority over undergraduate students when all other criteria are equal.

In consideration of limited funding, the following criteria may be applied:

there is no limit on the number of applicants per institution, no more than eight students from the same institution may receive travel awards.

multiple students of the same advisor may apply, no more than three students from the same advisor may receive the travel award.

To apply for a Scholarship Award, please follow the steps below:

Make sure that you are eligible to apply for The Web Conference 2021 scholarship. You must currently (or at the time of paper submission) be a student at a higher education institution pursuing a B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D. program.

Fill out and submit the following Student Scholarship Application Form by:

Apply here

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