One of the major obstacles that currently prevents the Semantic Web from exploiting its full potential is that the data it provides access to is sometimes not available or outdated. The reason is rooted deep within its architecture that relies on data providers to keep the data available, queryable, and up-to-date at all times – an expectation that many data providers in reality cannot live up to for an extended (or infinite) period of time. Hence, decentralized architectures have recently been proposed that use replication to keep the data available in case the data provider fails. Although this increases availability, it does not help keeping the data up-to-date or allow users to query and access previous versions of a dataset. In this paper, we therefore propose ColChain (COLlaborative knowledge CHAINs), a novel decentralized architecture based on blockchains that not only lowers the burden for the data providers but at the same time also allows users to propose updates to faulty or outdated data, trace updates back to their origin, and query older versions of the data. Our extensive experiments show that ColChain reaches these goals while achieving query processing performance comparable to the state of the art.

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