In this paper, we design, implement, and evaluate DeepVista, which is to our knowledge the first consumer-class system that streams panoramic videos far beyond the ultra high-definition resolution (up to 16K) to mobile devices, offering truly immersive experiences. Such an immense resolution makes streaming video-on-demand (VoD) content extremely resource-demanding. To tackle this challenge, DeepVista introduces a novel framework that leverages an edge server to perform efficient, intelligent, and quality-guaranteed content transcoding, by extracting from panoramic frames the viewport stream that will be delivered to the client. To support real-time transcoding of 16K content, DeepVista employs several key mechanisms such as dual-GPU acceleration, lossless viewport extraction, deep viewport prediction, and a two-layer streaming design. Our extensive evaluations using real users’ viewport movement data indicate that DeepVista outperforms existing solutions, and can smoothly stream 16K panoramic videos to commodity mobile devices over diverse wireless networks including WiFi, LTE, and mmWave 5G.

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