Social recommendation is effective in improving the recommendation performance by leveraging social relations from online social networking platforms. Social relations among users provide friends’ information for modelling users’ interest in candidate item and help items expose to potential consumers (i.e. item attraction). However, there are two issues haven’t been well-studied: Firstly, for the user interests, existing methods typically aggregate friends’ information contextualized on the candidate item only, and this shallow context-aware aggregation makes them suffer from the limited friends’ information. Secondly, for the item attraction, if the item’s past consumers are the friends of or have the similar consumption habit to the targeted user, the item may be more attractive to the targeted user, but most existing methods neglect the relation enhanced context-aware item attraction. To address the above issues, we proposed DICER(Dual sIde deep Context-awarE modulation for social Recommendation). Specifically, we first proposed a novel graph neural network to model the social relation and collaborative relation, and on top of high-order relations, a dual side deep context-aware modulation is introduced to capture the friends’ information and item attraction. Empirical results on two real-world datasets show the effectiveness of the proposed model and further experiments are conducted to help understand how the dual context-aware modulation works.

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