With the rapid development of web and mobile applications, as well as their wide adoption in different domains, more and more personal data is provided, consciously or unconsciously, to different application providers. Privacy policy is an important medium for users to understand what personal information has been collected and used. As data privacy protection is becoming a critical social issue, there are laws and regulations being enacted in different contraries and regions, and the most representative one is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is thus important to detect compliance issues between regulations, e.g., GDPR, with privacy policies, and provide intuitive results for data subjects (i.e., users), data collection party (i.e., service providers) and the regulatory authorities. In this work, we target to solve the problem of compliance analysis between GDPR (Article 13) and privacy policies. We format the task into a combination of a sentence classification step and a rule-based analysis step. We manually curate a corpus of 36, 610 labeled sentences from 304 privacy policies, and benchmark our corpus with several standard sentence classifiers. We also conduct a rule-based analysis to detect compliance issues and a user study to evaluate the usability of our approach. The web-based tool AutoCompliance is publicly accessible.

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