Query and Point-of-Interest (POI) matching, aiming at recommending the most relevant POIs from partial query keywords, has become one of the most essential functions in online navigation and ride-hailing applications. Existing methods for query-POI matching, such as Google Maps and Uber, have a natural focus on measuring the static semantic similarity between contextual information of queries and geographical information of POIs. However, it remains challenging for dynamic and personalized online query-POI matching because of the non-stationary and situational context-dependent query-POI relevance. Moreover, the large volume online queries require an adaptive and incremental model training strategy that is efficient and scalable in the online scenario. To this end, in this paper, we propose an textit{Incremental Spatio-Temporal Graph Learning}~(IncreSTGL) framework for intelligent online query-POI matching. Specifically, we first model dynamic query-POI interactions as microscopic and macroscopic graphs. Then, we propose an textit{incremental graph representation learning} module to refine and update query-POI interaction graphs in an online incremental fashion, which includes: (i) a contextual graph attention operation quantifying query-POI correlation based on historical queries under dynamic situational context, (ii) a graph discrimination operation capturing the sequential query-POI relevance drift from a holistic view of personalized preference and social homophily, and (iii) a multi-level temporal attention operation summarizing the temporal variations of query-POI interaction graphs for subsequent query- POI matching. Finally, we introduce a lightweight semantic matching module for online query-POI similarity measurement. To demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed algorithm, we conduct extensive experiments on real-world data from Baidu Maps, the leading online navigation and map service provider in China.

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