CEST Chair Title Authors
10:00-11:40 economics REST: Relational Event-driven Stock Trend Forecasting Wentao Xu, Weiqing Liu, Chang Xu, Jiang Bian, Jian Yin and Tie-Yan Liu
Exploring the Scale-Free Nature of Stock Markets: Hyperbolic Graph Learning for Algorithmic Trading Ramit Sawhney, Shivam Agarwal, Arnav Wadhwa and Rajiv Shah
Detecting and Quantifying Wash Trading on Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges Friedhelm Victor and Andrea Marie Weintraud
Towards Understanding and Demystifying Bitcoin Mixing Services Lei Wu, Yufeng Hu, Yajin Zhou, Haoyu Wang, Xiapu Luo, Zhi Wang, Fan Zhang and Kui Ren
Towards Understanding Cryptocurrency Derivatives: A Case Study of BitMEX Kyle Soska, Jin-Dong Dong, Alex Khodaverdian, Ariel Zetlin-Jones, Bryan Routledge and Nicolas Christin
10:00-11:40 security On the Feasibility of Automated Built-in Function Modeling for PHP Symbolic Execution Penghui Li, Wei Meng, Kangjie Lu and Changhua Luo
TLS 1.3 in Practice: How TLS 1.3 Contributes to Internet Hyunwoo Lee, Doowon Kim and Yonghwi Kwon
Towards Realistic and Reproducible Web Crawl Measurements Jordan Jueckstock, Shaown Sarker, Peter Snyder, Aidan Beggs, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Matteo Varvello, Ben Livshits and Alexandros Kapravelos
#Twiti: Social Listening for Threat Intelligence Hyejin Shin, Woochul Shim, Saebom Kim, Sol Lee, Yong Goo Kang and Yong Ho Hwang
An Investigation of Identity-Account Inconsistency in Single Sign-On Guannan Liu, Xing Gao and Haining Wang
10:00-11:40 search An Alternative Cross Entropy Loss for Learning-to-Rank Sebastian Bruch
Diversification-Aware Learning to Rank using Distributed Representation Le Yan, Zhen Qin, Rama Kumar Pasumarthi, Xuanhui Wang and Michael Bendersky
Maximizing Marginal Fairness for Dynamic Learning to Rank Tao Yang and Qingyao Ai
PairRank: Online Pairwise Learning to Rank by Divide-and-Conquer Yiling Jia, Huazheng Wang, Stephen Guo and Hongning Wang
Robust Generalization and Safe Query-Specialization in Counterfactual Learning to Rank Harrie Oosterhuis and Maarten de Rijke
10:00-11:40 society Communication Efficient Federated Generalized Tensor Factorization for Collaborative Health Data Analytics Jing Ma, Qiuchen Zhang, Jian Lou, Li Xiong and Joyce C. Ho
Completing Missing Prevalence Rates for Multiple Chronic Diseases by Jointly Leveraging Both Intra- and Inter-Disease Population Health Data Correlations Yujie Feng, Jiangtao Wang, Yasha Wang and Sumi Helal
Towards Facilitating Empathic Conversations in Online Mental Health Support: A Reinforcement Learning Approach Ashish Sharma, Inna Lin, Adam Miner, David Atkins and Tim Althoff
Search Engines vs. Symptom Checkers: A Comparison of their Effectiveness for Online Health Advice Sebastian Cross, Ahmed Mourad, Guido Zuccon and Bevan Koopman
UNITE: Uncertainty-based Health Risk Prediction Leveraging Multi-sourced Data Chacha Chen, Junjie Liang, Fenglong Ma, Lucas Glass, Jimeng Sun and Cao Xiao
11:50-13:30 search MIRA:Leveraging Multi-Intention Co-click Information in Web-scale Document Retrieval using Deep Neural Networks Yusi Zhang, Chuanjie Liu, Angen Luo, Hui Xue, Xuan Shan, Yuxiang Luo, Yiqian Xia, Yuanchi Yan and Haidong Wang
Long Short-Term Session Search with Joint Document Reranking and Next Query Prediction Qiannan Cheng, Zhaochun Ren, Yujie Lin, Pengjie Ren, Zhumin Chen, Xiangyuan Liu and Maarten de Rijke
On the Value of Wikipedia as a Gateway to the Web Tiziano Piccardi, Miriam Redi, Giovanni Colavizza and Robert West
Projected Hamming Dissimilarity for Bit-Level Importance Coding in Collaborative Filtering Christian Hansen, Casper Hansen, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Christina Lioma
Constructing a Comparison-based Click Model for Web Search Ruizhe Zhang, Xiaohui Xie, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
11:50-13:30 systems WiseTrans: Adaptive Transport Protocol Selection for Mobile Web Service Jia Zhang, Enhuan Dong, Zili Meng, Yuan Yang, Mingwei Xu, Sijie Yang, Miao Zhang and Yang Yue
Surrounded by the Clouds Lorenzo Corneo, Maximilian Eder, Nitinder Mohan, Aleksandr Zavodovski, Suzan Bayhan, Walter Wong, Per Gunningberg, Jussi Kangasharju and Jörg Ott
BrowseLite: A Private Data Saving Solution for the Web Conor Kelton, Matteo Varvello, Andrius Aucinas and Ben Livshits
Superways: A Datacenter Topology for Incast-Heavy Workloads Hamed Rezaei and Balajee Vamanan
BBR Bufferbloat in DASH Video Santiago Vargas, Rebecca Drucker, Aiswarya Renganathan, Aruna Balasubramanian and Anshul Gandhi
11:50-13:30 social network Graph Structure Estimation Neural Networks Ruijia Wang, Shuai Mou, Xiao Wang, Wanpeng Xiao, Qi Ju, Chuan Shi and Xing Xie
Efficient Probabilistic Truss Indexing on Uncertain Graphs Zitan Sun, Xin Huang, Jianliang Xu and Francesco Bonchi
Random Graphs with Prescribed K-Core Sequences: A New Null Model for Network Analysis Katherine Van Koevering, Austin Benson and Jon Kleinberg
Motif-driven Dense Subgraph Discovery in Directed and Labeled Networks A. Erdem Sarıyüce
Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network via Attribute Completion Di Jin, Cuiying Huo, Chundong Liang and Liang Yang
11:50-13:30 user modeling Diversified Recommendation Through Similarity-Guided Graph Neural Networks Yu Zheng, Chen Gao, Liang Chen, Yong Li and Depeng Jin
Self-Supervised Multi-Channel Hypergraph Convolutional Network for Social Recommendation Junliang Yu, Hongzhi Yin, Jundong Li, Qinyong Wang, Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung and Xiangliang Zhang
Reinforcement Recommendation with User \Multi-aspect Preference Xu Chen, Yali Du, Long Xia and Jun Wang
Variation Control and Evaluation for Generative Slate Recommendations Shuchang Liu, Fei Sun, Yingqiang Ge, Changhua Pei and Yongfeng Zhang
Adversarial and Contrastive Variational Autoencoder for Sequential Recommendation Zhe Xie, Chengxuan Liu, Yichi Zhang, Hongtao Lu, Dong Wang and Yue Ding
13:40-15:20 security The Great Awakening: An Exploratory Study of QAnon on Voat Antonis Papasavva, Jeremy Blackburn, Gianluca Stringhini, Savvas Zannettou and Emiliano De Cristofaro
Chinese Wall or Swiss Cheese? Keyword filtering in the Great Firewall of China Raymond Rambert, Zachary Weinberg, Diogo Barradas and Nicolas Christin
Understanding the Impact of Encrypted DNS on Internet Censorship Lin Jin, Shuai Hao, Haining Wang and Chase Cotton
Improving Cyberbully Detection with User Interaction Suyu Ge, Lu Cheng and Huan Liu
IFSpard: An Information Fusion-based Framework for Spam Review Detection Yao Zhu, Hongzhi Liu, Yingpeng Du and Zhonghai Wu
13:40-15:20 web mining Dr.Emotion: Disentangled Representation Learning for Emotion Analysis on Social Media to Improve Community Resilience in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond Mingxuan Ju, Wei Song, Shiyu Sun, Yanfang Ye, Yujie Fan, Shifu Hou, Kenneth Loparo and Liang Zhao
Modeling Human Motives and Emotions from Personal Narratives Using External Knowledge And Entity Tracking Prashanth Vijayaraghavan and Deb Roy
Curriculum CycleGAN for Textual Sentiment Domain Adaptation with Multiple Sources Sicheng Zhao, Yang Xiao, Jiang Guo, Xiangyu Yue, Jufeng Yang, Ravi Krishna, Pengfei Xu and Kurt Keutzer
Latent Target-Opinion as Prior for Document-Level Sentiment Classification: A Variational Approach from Fine-Grained Perspective Hao Fei, Yafeng Ren, Shengqiong Wu, Bobo Li and Donghong Ji
Contrastive Lexical Diffusion Coefficient: Quantifying the Stickiness of the Ordinary Mohammadzaman Zamani and H. Andrew Schwartz
13:40-15:20 user modeling High-dimensional Sparse Embeddings for Collaborative Filtering Jan Van Balen and Bart Goethals
Sinkhorn Collaborative Filtering Xiucheng Li, Jin Yao Chin, Yile Chen and Gao Cong
HGCF: Hyperbolic Graph Convolution Networks for Collaborative Filtering Jianing Sun, Zhaoyue Cheng, Saba Zuberi, Felipe Perez and Maksims Volkovs
Collaborative Filtering with Preferences Inferred from Brain Signals Keith Davis, Michiel Spapé and Tuukka Ruotsalo
Variable Interval Time Sequence Modeling for Career Trajectory Prediction: Deep Collaborative Perspective Chao Wang, Hengshu Zhu, Qiming Hao, Keli Xiao and Hui Xiong
13:40-15:20 web mining User-oriented Group Fairness In Recommender Systems Yunqi Li, Hanxiong Chen, Zuohui Fu, Yingqiang Ge and Yongfeng Zhang
Mitigating Gender Bias in Captioning Systems Ruixiang Tang, Mengnan Du, Yuening Li, Zirui Liu, Na Zou and Xia Hu
Fair Partitioning of Public Resources: Redrawing District Boundary to Minimize Spatial Inequality in School Funding Nuno Mota, Negar Mohammadi, Palash Dey, Krishna P. Gummadi and Abhijnan Chakraborty
Understanding User Sensemaking in Machine Learning Fairness Assessment Systems Jing Nathan Yan, Ziwei Gu and Jeff Rzeszotarski
Not All Features Are Equal: Discovering Essential Features for Preserving Prediction Privacy Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah, Mohammadkazem Taram, Ali Jalali, Ahmed Taha Elthakeb, Dean Tullsen and Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
15:30-17:10 social networks Twin Peaks, a Model for Recurring Cascades Matteo Almanza, Silvio Lattanzi, Alessandro Panconesi and Giuseppe Re
TEDIC: Neural Modeling of Behavioral Patterns in Dynamic Social Interaction Networks Yanbang Wang, Pan Li, Chongyang Bai and Jure Leskovec
Modeling Sparse Information Diffusion at Scale via Lazy Multivariate Hawkes Processes Maximilian Nickel and Matthew Le
DYMOND: DYnamic MOtif-NoDes Network Generative Model Giselle Zeno, Timothy La Fond and Jennifer Neville
Radflow: A Recurrent, Aggregated, and Decomposable Model for Networks of Time Series Alasdair Tran, Alexander Mathews, Cheng Soon Ong and Lexing Xie
15:30-17:10 web mining Towards a Better Understanding of Query Reformulation Behavior in Web Search Jia Chen, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Fan Zhang, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
Topic-enhanced knowledge-aware retrieval model for diverse relevance estimation Xiangsheng Li, Jiaxin Mao, Weizhi Ma, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma, Zhaowei Wang and Xiuqiang He
Controllable Gradient Item Retrieval Haonan Wang, Chang Zhou, Carl Yang, Hongxia Yang and Jingrui He
Graph-based Hierarchical Relevance Matching Signals for Ad-hoc Retrieval Xueli Yu, Weizhi Xu, Zeyu Cui, Shu Wu and Liang Wang
Cross-Positional Attention for Debiasing Clicks Honglei Zhuang, Zhen Qin, Xuanhui Wang, Michael Bendersky, Xinyu Qian, Po Hu and Dan Chary Chen
15:30-17:10 semantics Inductive Entity Representations from Text via Link Prediction Daniel Daza, Michael Cochez and Paul Groth
Revisiting the Evaluation Protocol of Knowledge Graph Completion Methods for Link Prediction Sudhanshu Tiwari, Iti Bansal and Carlos R. Rivero
Boosting the Speed of Entity Alignment 10×: Dual Attention Matching Network with Normalized Hard Sample Mining Xin Mao, Wenting Wang, Yuanbin Wu and Man Lan
Progressive, Holistic Geospatial Interlinking George Papadakis, Georgios Mandilaras, Nikos Mamoulis and Manolis Koubarakis
RETA: A Schema-Aware, End-to-End Solution for Instance Completion in Knowledge Graphs Paolo Rosso, Dingqi Yang, Natalia Ostapuk and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
15:30-17:10 user modeling A Recommender System for Crowdsourcing Food Rescue Platforms Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Leah Lizarondo and Fei Fang
A Workflow Analysis of Context-driven Conversational Recommendation Shengnan Lyu, Arpit Rana, Scott Sanner and Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek
Learning Intents behind Interactions with Knowledge Graph for Recommendation Xiang Wang, Tinglin Huang, Dingxian Wang, Yancheng Yuan, Zhenguang Liu, Xiangnan He and Tat-Seng Chua
Rabbit Holes and Taste Distortion: Distribution-Aware Recommendation with Evolving Interests Xing Zhao, Ziwei Zhu and James Caverlee
DeepRec: On-device Deep Learning for Privacy-Preserving Sequential Recommendation in Mobile Commerce Jialiang Han, Yun Ma, Qiaozhu Mei and Xuanzhe Liu
CEST Chair Title Authors
10:00-11:40 mobile Meta-HAR: Federated Representation Learning for Human Activity Recognition Chenglin Li, Di Niu, Bei Jiang, Xiao Zuo and Jianming Yang
PFA: Privacy-preserving Federated Adaptation for Effective Model Personalization Bingyan Liu, Yao Guo and Xiangqun Chen
Characterizing Impacts of Heterogeneity in Federated Learning upon Large-Scale Smartphone Data Chengxu Yang, Qipeng Wang, Mengwei Xu, Zhenpeng Chen, Kaigui Bian, Yunxin Liu and Xuanzhe Liu
Incentive Mechanism for Horizontal Federated Learning Based on Reputation and Reverse Auction Jingwen Zhang, Yuezhou Wu and Rong Pan
Hierarchical Personalized Federated Learning for User Modeling Jinze Wu, Qi Liu, Zhenya Huang, Yuting Ning, Hao Wang, Enhong Chen, Jinfeng Yi and Bowen Zhou
10:00-11:40 security Data Poisoning Attacks and Defenses to Crowdsourcing Systems Minghong Fang, Minghao Sun, Qi Li, Neil Zhenqiang Gong, Jin Tian and Jia Liu
A First Look at DeepFake Videos in the Wild: Analysis and Detection Jiameng Pu, Neal Mangaokar, Lauren Kelly, Parantapa Bhattacharya, Kavya Sundaram, Mobin Javed, Bolun Wang and Bimal Viswanath
RIGA: Covert and Robust White-Box Watermarking of Deep Neural Networks Tianhao Wang and Florian Kerschbaum
Columbus: Fast, Reliable Co-residence Detection for Lambdas Anil Yelam, Ariana Mirian, Keerthana Ganesan, Shibani Subbareddy and Stefan Savage
DAPter: Preventing User Data Abuse in Deep Learning Inference Services Hao Wu, Xuejin Tian, Yuhang Gong, Xing Su, Minghao Li and Fengyuan Xu
10:00-11:40 search Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining for Retrieval Puxuan Yu, Hongliang Fei and Ping Li
Match Plan Generation in Web Search with Parameterized Action Reinforcement Learning Ziyan Luo, Linfeng Zhao, Wei Cheng, Sihao Chen, Qi Chen, Hui Xue, Haidong Wang, Chuanjie Liu, Mao Yang and Lintao Zhang
A Linguistic Study on Relevance Modeling in Information Retrieval Yixing Fan, Jiafeng Guo, Xinyu Ma, Ruqing Zhang, Yanyan Lan and Xueqi Cheng
Estimation of Fair Ranking Metrics with Incomplete Judgments Omer Kirnap, Fernando Diaz, Asia Biega, Michael Ekstrand, Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz
Pivot-based Candidate Retrieval for Cross-lingual Entity Linking Qian Liu, Xiubo Geng, Jie Lu and Daxin Jiang
10:00-11:40 society The Structure of Toxic Conversations on Twitter Martin Saveski, Brandon Roy and Deb Roy
Interventions for Softening Can Lead to Hardening of Opinions: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Andreas Spitz, Ahmad Abu-Akel and Robert West
“Short is the Road that Leads from Fear to Hate”: Fear Speech in Indian WhatsApp Groups Punyajoy Saha, Binny Mathew, Pawan Goyal, Kiran Garimella and Animesh Mukherjee
“Go eat a bat, Chang!”: On the Emergence of Sinophobic Behavior on Web Communities in the Face of COVID-19 Fatemeh Tahmasbi, Leonard Schild, Chen Ling, Jeremy Blackburn, Gianluca Stringhini, Yang Zhang and Savvas Zannettou
Conversations Gone Alright: Quantifying and Predicting Prosocial Outcomes in Online Conversations Jiajun Bao, Junjie Wu, Yiming Zhang, Eshwar Chandrasekharan and David Jurgens
11:50-13:30 systems DF-TAR: A Deep Fusion Network for Citywide Traffic Accident Risk Prediction with Dangerous Driving Behavior Patara Trirat and Jae-Gil Lee
Dissecting Performance of Production QUIC Alexander Yu and Theophilus Benson
XY-Sketch: on Sketching Data Streams at Web Scale Yongqiang Liu and Xike Xie
NTAM: Neighborhood-Temporal Attention Model for Disk Failure Prediction in Cloud Platforms Chuan Luo, Pu Zhao, Bo Qiao, Youjiang Wu, Hongyu Zhang, Wei Wu, Weihai Lu, Yingnong Dang, Saravanakumar Rajmohan, Qingwei Lin and Dongmei Zhang
WebSocket Adoption and the Landscape of the Real-Time Web Paul Murley, Zane Ma, Joshua Mason, Michael Bailey and Amin Kharraz
11:50-13:30 social networks Theoretically Improving Graph Neural Networks via Anonymous Walk Graph Kernels Qingqing Long, Yilun Jin, Yi Wu and Guojie Song
Interpreting and Unifying Graph Neural Networks with An Optimization Framework Meiqi Zhu, Xiao Wang, Chuan Shi, Houye Ji and Peng Cui
Extract the Knowledge of Graph Neural Networks and Go Beyond it: An Effective Knowledge Distillation Framework Cheng Yang, Jiawei Liu and Chuan Shi
CurGraph: Curriculum Learning for Graph Classification Yiwei Wang, Wei Wang, Yuxuan Liang, Yujun Cai and Bryan Hooi
Lorentzian Graph Convolutional Neural Networks Yiding Zhang, Xiao Wang, Chuan Shi, Nian Liu and Guojie Song
11:50-13:30 user modeling Linear-Time Self Attention with Codeword Histogram for Efficient Recommendation Yongji Wu, Defu Lian, Neil Gong, Lu Yin, Mingyang Yin, Jingren Zhou and Hongxia Yang
Learning Heterogeneous Temporal Patterns of User Preference for Timely Recommendation Junsu Cho, Dongmin Hyun, Seongku Kang and Hwanjo Yu
Drug Package Recommendation via Interaction-aware Graph Induction Zhi Zheng, Chao Wang, Tong Xu, Dazhong Shen, Penggang Qin, Baoxing Huai, Tongzhu Liu and Enhong Chen
Interest-aware Message-Passing GCN for Recommendation Fan Liu, Zhiyong Cheng, Lei Zhu, Zan Gao and Liqiang Nie
Task-adaptive Neural Process for User Cold-Start Recommendation Xixun Lin, Jia Wu, Chuan Zhou, Shirui Pan, Yanan Cao and Bin Wang
11:50-13:30 web mining Consistent Sampling Through Extremal Process Ping Li, Xiaoyun Li, Gennady Samorodnitsky and Weijie Zhao
Beyond Outlier Detection: Interpreting Outliers by Attention-Guided Triplet Deviation Network Hongzuo Xu, Yijie Wang, Songlei Jian, Zhenyu Huang, Yongjun Wang, Ning Liu and Fei Li
Fair and Representative Subset Selection from Data Streams Yanhao Wang, Francesco Fabbri and Michael Mathioudakis
CLEAR: Contrastive-Prototype Learning with Drift Estimation for Resource Constrained Stream Mining Zhuoyi Wang, Chen Zhao, Yuqiao Chen, Hemeng Tao, Yu Lin, Xujiang Zhao, Yigong Wang and Latifur Khan
Diversity on the Go! Streaming Determinantal Point Processes under a Maximum Induced Cardinality Objective Paul Liu, Akshay Soni, Eun Yong Kang, Yajun Wang and Mehul Parsana
13:40-15:20 semantics Self-Supervised Hyperboloid Representations from Logical Queries over Knowledge Graphs Nurendra Choudhary, Nikhil Rao, Sumeet Katariya, Karthik Subbian and Chandan K. Reddy
ColChain: Collaborative Linked Data Networks Christian Aebeloe, Gabriela Montoya and Katja Hose
MedPath: Augmenting Health Risk Prediction via Medical Knowledge Paths Muchao Ye, Suhan Cui, Yaqing Wang, Junyu Luo, Cao Xiao and Fenglong Ma
Efficient Computation of Semantically Cohesive Subgraphs for Keyword-Based Knowledge Graph Exploration Yuxuan Shi, Gong Cheng, Trung-Kien Tran, Evgeny Kharlamov and Yulin Shen
WiseKG: Balanced Access to Web Knowledge Graphs Amr Azzam, Christian Aebeloe, Gabriela Montoya, Ilkcan Keles, Axel Polleres and Katja Hose
13:40-15:20 mobile A Longitudinal Study of Removed Apps in iOS App Store Fuqi Lin, Haoyu Wang, Liu Wang and Xuanzhe Liu
Demystifying Illegal Mobile Gambling Apps Yuhao Gao, Haoyu Wang, Li Li, Xiapu Luo, Xuanzhe Liu and Guoai Xu
ReACt: A Resource-centric Access Control System for Web-app Interactions on Android Xin Zhang and Yifan Zhang
NeuroPose: 3D Hand Pose Tracking using EMG Wearables Yilin Liu, Shijia Zhang and Mahanth Gowda
Whale Watching in Inland Indonesia: Analyzing a Small, Remote, Internet-Based Community Cellular Network Matthew Johnson, Jenny Liang, Michelle Lin, Sudheesh Singanamalla and Kurtis Heimerl
13:40-15:20 web mining Learning Neural Point Processes with Latent Graphs Qiang Zhang, Aldo Lipani and Emine Yilmaz
OCT-GAN: A Neural ODE-based Conditional Tabular GANs Jayoung Kim, Jingsung Jeon, Jaehoon Lee, Jihyeon Hyeong and Noseong Park
Neural Collaborative Reasoning Hanxiong Chen, Shaoyun Shi, Yunqi Li and Yongfeng Zhang
Deep Co-Attention Network for Multi-View Subspace Learning Lecheng Zheng, Yu Cheng, Hongxia Yang, Nan Cao and Jingrui He
ATJ-Net: Auto-Table-Join Network for Automatic Learning on Relational Databases Jinze Bai, Jialin Wang, Zhao Li, Donghui Ding, Ji Zhang and Jun Gao
13:40-15:20 user modeling A Cooperative Memory Network for Personalized Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Incomplete User Profiles Jiahuan Pei, Pengjie Ren and Maarten de Rijke
Stimuli-Sensitive Hawkes Processes for Personalized Student Procrastination Modeling Mengfan Yao, Siqian Zhao, Shaghayegh Sahebi and Reza Feyzi Behnagh
Personalized Treatment Selection using Causal Heterogeneity Ye Tu, Kinjal Basu, Cyrus DiCiccio, Romil Bansal, Preetam Nandy, Padmini Jaikumar and Shaunak Chatterjee
Incremental Spatio-Temporal Graph Learning for Online Query-POI Matching Zixuan Yuan, Hao Liu, Junming Liu, Yanchi Liu, Yang Yang, Renjun Hu and Hui Xiong
Slot Self-Attentive Dialogue State Tracking Fanghua Ye, Jarana Manotumruksa, Qiang Zhang, Shenghui Li and Emine Yilmaz
15:30-17:10 social netowrks Dynamic Embeddings for Interaction Prediction Zekarias Kefato, Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Nasrullah Sheikh and Alberto Montresor
Knowledge Embedding Based Graph Convolutional Network Donghan Yu, Yiming Yang, Ruohong Zhang and Yuexin Wu
Motif-Preserving Dynamic Attributed Network Embedding Zhijun Liu, Chao Huang, Yanwei Yu and Junyu Dong
Highly Liquid Temporal Interaction Graph Embeddings Huidi Chen, Yun Xiong, Yangyong Zhu and Philip S. Yu
Multiplex Bipartite Network Embedding using Dual Hypergraph Convolutional Networks Hansheng Xue, Luwei Yang, Vaibhav Rajan, Wen Jiang, Yi Wei and Yu Lin
15:30-17:10 web mining Semi-Open Information Extraction Bowen Yu, Zhenyu Zhang, Jiawei Sheng, Tingwen Liu, Yubin Wang, Yucheng Wang and Bin Wang
RECON: Relation Extraction using Knowledge Graph Context in a Graph Neural Network Anson Bastos, Abhishek Nadgeri, Kuldeep Singh, Isaiah Onando Mulang, Saeedeh Shekarpour, Johannes Hoffart and Manohar Kaul
GNEM: A Generic One-to-Set Neural Entity Matching Framework Runjin Chen, Yanyan Shen and Dongxiang Zhang
Effective Named Entity Recognition with Boundary-aware Bidirectional Neural Networks Fei Li, Zheng Wang, Siu Cheung Hui, Lejian Liao, Dandan Song and Jing Xu
A Trigger-Sense Memory Flow Framework for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction Yongliang Shen, Xinyin Ma, Yechun Tang and Weiming Lu
15:30-17:10 semantics MulDE: Multi-teacher Knowledge Distillation for Low-dimensional Knowledge Graph Embeddings Kai Wang, Yu Liu, Qian Ma and Quan Z. Sheng
Efficient Knowledge Graph Embedding without Negative Sampling Zelong Li, Jianchao Ji, Zuohui Fu, Yingqiang Ge, Shuyuan Xu, Chong Chen and Yongfeng Zhang
Structure-Augmented Text Representation Learning for Efficient Knowledge Graph Completion Bo Wang, Tao Shen, Guodong Long, Tianyi Zhou, Ying Wang and Yi Chang
An Adversarial Transfer Network for Knowledge Representation Learning Huijuan Wang, Shuangyin Li and Rong Pan
Mixed-Curvature Multi-relational Graph Neural Network for Knowledge Graph Completion Shen Wang, Xiaokai Wei, Cicero Nogueira dos Santos, Zhiguo Wang, Ramesh Nallapati, Andrew Arnold, Bing Xiang, Isabel F. Cruz and Philip S. Yu
15:30-17:10 user modeling Elo-MMR: A Rating System for Massive Multiplayer Competitions Aram Ebtekar and Paul Liu
DCN V2: Improved Deep & Cross Network and Practical Lessons for Web-scale Learning to Rank Systems Ruoxi Wang, Rakesh Shivanna, Derek Cheng, Sagar Jain, Dong Lin, Lichan Hong and Ed Chi
A Scalable, Adaptive and Sound Nonconvex Regularizer for Low-rank Matrix Completion Yaqing Wang, Quanming Yao and James Kwok
A Generative Adversarial Click Model for Information Retrieval Xinyi Dai, Jianghao Lin, Weinan Zhang, Shuai Li, Weiwen Liu, Ruiming Tang, Xiuqiang He, Jianye Hao, Jun Wang and Yong Yu
CrowdGP: a Gaussian Process Model for Inferencing Relevance from Crowd Annotations Dan Li, Zhaochun Ren and Evangelos Kanoulas
CEST Chair Title Authors
10:00-11:40 mobile Fine-grained Urban Flow Prediction Yuxuan Liang, Kun Ouyang, Junkai Sun, Yiwei Wang, Junbo Zhang, Yu Zheng, David Rosenblum and Roger Zimmermann
AutoSTG: Neural Architecture Search for Predictions of Spatio-Temporal Graph Zheyi Pan, Songyu Ke, Xiaodu Yang, Yuxuan Liang, Yong Yu, Junbo Zhang and Yu Zheng
A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Recommendation Weijia Zhang, Hao Liu, Fan Wang, Tong Xu, Haoran Xin, Dejing Dou and Hui Xiong
STUaNet: Understanding uncertainty in spatiotemporal collective human mobility Zhengyang Zhou, Yang Wang, Xike Xie, Lei Qiao and Yuantao Li
DeepFEC: Energy Consumption Prediction under Real-World Driving Conditions for Smart Cities Sayda Elmi and Kian-Lee Tan
10:00-11:40 crowdsourcing SEPAR: Towards Regulating Future of Work Multi-Platform Crowdworking Environments with Privacy Guarantees Mohammadjavad Amiri, Joris Duguépéroux, Tristan Allard, Divyakant Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi
Online Label Aggregation: A Variational Bayesian Approach Chi Hong, Amirmasoud Ghiassi, Yichi Zhou, Robert Birke and Lydia Y. Chen
Peer Grading the Peer Reviews: A Dual-Role Approach for Lightening Scholarly Paper Review Processes Ines Arous, Jie Yang, Mourad Khayati and Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
Multi-Session Diversity to Improve User Satisfaction in Web Applications Mohammadreza Esfandiari, Ria Mae Borromeo, Sepideh Nikookar, Paras Sakharkar, Sihem Amer-Yahia and Senjuti Basu Roy
What do You Mean? Interpreting Image Classification with Crowdsourced Concept Extraction and Analysis Agathe Balayn, Panagiotis Soilis, Christoph Lofi, Jie Yang and Alessandro Bozzon
10:00-11:40 search FINN: Feedback Interactive Neural Network for Intent Recommendation Yatao Yang, Biyu Ma, Jun Tan, Hongbo Deng, Haikuan Huang and Zibin Zheng
Weakly-Supervised Question Answering with Effective Rank and Weighted Loss over Candidates Haozhe Qin, Jiangang Zhu and Beijun Shen
Controlling the Risk of Conversational Search via Reinforcement Learning Zhenduo Wang and Qingyao Ai
Joint Spatio-Textual Reasoning for Answering Tourism Questions Danish Contractor, Shashank Goel, Mausam and Parag Singla
Adapting to Context-Aware Knowledge in Natural Conversation for Multi-Turn Response Selection Chen Zhang, Hao Wang, Feijun Jiang and Hongzhi Yin
10:00-11:40 society Understanding the complexity of detecting political ads Vera Sosnovik and Oana Goga
Enriched Models for Legislative Edit Prediction Victor Kristof, Aswin Suresh, Matthias Grossglauser and Patrick Thiran
Assessing the Effects of Friend-to-Friend Texting on Turnout in the 2018 US Midterm Elections Aaron Schein, Keyon Vafa, Dhanya Sridhar, Victor Veitch, Jeffrey Quinn, James Moffet, David M. Blei and Donald P. Green
Fast Evaluation for Relevant Quantities of Opinion Dynamics Wanyue Xu, Qi Bao and Zhongzhi Zhang
Random Walks with Erasure: Diversifying Personalized Recommendations on Social and Information Networks Bibek Paudel and Abraham Bernstein
11:50-13:30 social networks Soft-mask: Adaptive Substructure Extractions for Graph Neural Networks Mingqi Yang, Yanming Shen, Heng Qi and Baocai Yin
Graph Contrastive Learning with Adaptive Augmentation Yanqiao Zhu, Yichen Xu, Feng Yu, Qiang Liu, Shu Wu and Liang Wang
SUGAR: Subgraph Neural Network with Reinforcement Pooling and Self-Supervised Mutual Information Mechanism Qingyun Sun, Hao Peng, Jianxin Li, Yuanxing Ning, Jia Wu, Philip S. Yu and Lifang He
Strongly Local Hypergraph Diffusions for Clustering and Semi-supervised Learning Meng Liu, Nate Veldt, Haoyu Song, Pan Li and David Gleich
TG-GAN: Continuous-time Temporal Graph Deep Generative Models with Time-Validity Constraints Liming Zhang, Liang Zhao, Dieter Pfoser, Shan Qin and Chen Ling
11:50-13:30 security Cookie Swap Party: Abusing First-Party Cookies for Web Tracking Quan Chen, Panagiotis Ilia, Michalis Polychronakis and Alexandros Kapravelos
User tracking in the post-cookie era: How websites bypass GDPR consent to track users Emmanouil Papadogiannakis, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Nicolas Kourtellis and Evangelos Markatos
It’s Not Just the Site, it’s the Contents: Intra-domain Fingerprinting Social Media Websites Through CDN Bursts Kailong Wang, Junzhe Zhang, Guangdong Bai, Ryan Ko and Jin Song Dong
Have You been Properly Notified? Automatic Compliance Analysis of Privacy Policy Text with GDPR Article 13 Shuang Liu, Baiyang Zhao, Renjie Guo, Guozhu Meng, Fan Zhang and Meishan Zhang
Privacy Policies over Time: Curation and Analysis of a Million-Document Dataset Ryan Amos, Gunes Acar, Elena Lucherini, Mihir Kshirsagar, Arvind Narayanan and Jonathan Mayer
11:50-13:30 user modeling STAN: Spatio-Temporal Attention Network for next Point-of-Interest Recommendation Yingtao Luo, Qiang Liu and Zhaocheng Liu
Session-aware Linear Item-Item Models for Session-based Recommendation Minjin Choi, Jinhong Kim, Joonseok Lee, Hyunjung Shim and Jongwuk Lee
Learning Fair Representations for Recommendation: A Graph-based Perspective Le Wu, Lei Chen, Pengyang Shao, Richang Hong, Xiting Wang and Meng Wang
Leveraging Review Properties for Effective Recommendation Xi Wang, Iadh Ounis and Craig Macdonald
A Model of Two Tales: Dual Transfer Learning Framework for Improved Long-tail Item Recommendation Yin Zhang, Derek Zhiyuan Cheng, Tiansheng Yao, Xinyang Yi, Lichan Hong and Ed H. Chi
11:50-13:30 mobile DeepVista: 16K Panoramic Cinema on Your Mobile Device Wenxiao Zhang, Feng Qian, Bo Han and Pan Hui
CollaEdge: A Decentralized Blockchain-based Platform for Cooperative Edge Computing Liang Yuan, Qiang He, Siyu Tan, Bo Li, Jiangshan Yu, Feifei Chen, Hai Jin and Yun Yang
Temporal Analysis of the Entire Ethereum Blockchain Network Lin Zhao, Sourav Sen Gupta, Arijit Khan and Robby Luo
SRVAR: Joint Discrete Hidden State Discovery and Structure Learning from Time Series Data Tsung-Yu Hsieh, Yiwei Sun, Xianfeng Tang, Suhang Wang and Vasant Honavar
Equilibrium Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Ride-hailing Vehicle Network Takuma Oda
13:40-15:20 user modeling Unifying Offline Causal Inference and Online Bandit Learning for Data Driven Decision Ye Li, Hong Xie, Yishi Lin and John C.S. Lui
Automated Creative Optimization for E-Commerce Advertising Jin Chen, Ju Xu, Gangwei Jiang, Tiezheng Ge, Zhiqiang Zhang, Defu Lian and Kai Zheng
GuideBoot: Guided Bootstrap for Deep Contextual Bandits in Online Advertising Feiyang Pan, Haoming Li, Xiang Ao, Wei Wang, Yanrong Kang, Ao Tan and Qing He
A Hybrid Bandit Model with Visual Priors for Creative Ranking in Display Advertising Shiyao Wang, Qi Liu, Tiezheng Ge, Defu Lian and Zhiqiang Zhang
Local Clustering in Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits Yikun Ban and Jingrui He
13:40-15:20 web mining Learning from Graph Propagation via Ordinal Distillation for One-Shot Automated Essay Scoring Zhiwei Jiang, Meng Liu, Yafeng Yin, Hua Yu, Zifeng Cheng and Qing Gu
Wiki2Prop: A Multi-Modal Approach for Predicting Wikidata Properties from Wikipedia Michael Luggen, Julien Audiffren, Djellel Difallah and Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
FANCY: Human-centered, Deep Learning-based Framework for Fashion Style Analysis Youngseung Jeon, Seungwan Jin and Kyungsik Han
PARIMA: Viewport Adaptive 360-Degree Video Streaming Lovish Chopra, Sarthak Chakraborty, Abhijit Mondal and Sandip Chakraborty
Controllable and Diverse Text Generation in E-commerce Huajie Shao, Jun Wang, Haohong Lin, Xuezhou Zhang, Aston Zhang, Heng Ji and Tarek Abdelzaher
13:40-15:20 social networks Nonlinear Higher-Order Label Spreading Francesco Tudisco, Austin R. Benson and Konstantin Prokopchik
HDMI: High-order Deep Multiplex Infomax Baoyu Jing, Chanyoung Park and Hanghang Tong
Network of Tensor Time Series Baoyu Jing, Hanghang Tong and Yada Zhu
Improving Graph Neural Networks with Structural Adaptive Receptive Fields Xiaojun Ma, Junshan Wang, Hanyue Chen and Guojie Song
Few-shot Network Anomaly Detection via Cross-network Meta-learning Kaize Ding, Qinghai Zhou, Hanghang Tong and Huan Liu
13:40-15:20 society Learning Dynamic User Behavior Based on Error-driven Event Representation Honglian Wang, Peiyan Li, Wujun Tao, Bailin Feng and Junming Shao
Using Prior Knowledge to Guide BERT’s Attention in Semantic Textual Matching Tasks Tingyu Xia, Yue Wang, Yuan Tian and Yi Chang
Wait, Let’s Think about Your Purchase Again: A Study on Interventions for Supporting Self-Controlled Online Purchases Yunha Han, Hwiyeon Kim, Hyeshin Chu, Joohee Kim, Hyunwook Lee, Seunghyeong Choe, Dooyoung Jung, Dongil Chung, Bum Chul Kwon and Sungahn Ko
Online Mobile App Usage as an Indicator of Sleep Behavior and Job Performance Chunjong Park, Morelle Arian, Xin Liu, Leon Sasson, Jeffrey Kahn, Shwetak Patel, Alex Mariakakis and Tim Althoff
Quiz-Style Question Generation for News Stories Adam D. Lelkes, Vinh Tran and Cong Yu
15:30-17:10 social networks Large-scale Comb-K Recommendation Houye Ji, Junxiong Zhu, Chuan Shi, Xiao Wang, Bai Wang, Chaoyu Zhang, Zixuan Zhu, Feng Zhang and Yanghua Li
Dual Side Deep Context-aware Modulation for Social Recommendation Bairan Fu, Wenming Zhang, Guangneng Hu, Xinyu Dai, Shujian Huang and Jiajun Chen
Graph Neural Networks for Friend Ranking in Large-scale Social Platforms Aravind Sankar, Yozen Liu, Jun Yu and Neil Shah
Pathfinder Discovery Networks for Neural Message Passing Benedek Rozemberczki, Peter Englert, Amol Kapoor, Martin Blais and Bryan Perozzi
Few-Shot Molecular Property Prediction Zhichun Guo, Chuxu Zhang, Wenhao Yu, John Herr, Olaf Wiest, Meng Jiang and Nitesh Chawla
15:30-17:10 web mining Multi-domain Dialogue State Tracking with Recursive Inference Lizi Liao, Tongyao Zhu, Le Hong Long and Tat Seng Chua
Automatic Intent-Slot Induction for Dialogue Systems Zengfeng Zeng, Dan Ma, Haiqin Yang, Zhen Gou and Jianping Shen
Multilingual COVID-QA: Learning towards Global Information Sharing via Web Question Answering in Multiple Languages Rui Yan, Weiheng Liao, Jianwei Cui, Hailei Zhang, Yichuan Hu and Dongyan Zhao
Compositional Question Answering via Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks Bingning Wang, Ting Yao, Weipeng Chen, Jingfang Xu and Xiaochuan Wang
Cross-domain Knowledge Distillation for Retrieval-based Question Answering Systems Cen Chen, Chengyu Wang, Minghui Qiu, Dehong Gao, Linbo Jin and Wang Li
15:30-17:10 semanitcs Computing Views of OWL Ontologies for the Semantic Web: A Forgetting-Based Approach Jiaqi Li and Yizheng Zhao
Advanced Semantics for Commonsense Knowledge Extraction Tuan-Phong Nguyen, Simon Razniewski and Gerhard Weikum
DISCOS: Bridging the Gap between Discourse Knowledge and Commonsense Knowledge Tianqing Fang, Hongming Zhang, Weiqi Wang, Yangqiu Song and Bin He
Role-Aware Modeling for N-ary Relational Knowledge Bases Yu Liu, Quanming Yao and Yong Li
Biomedical Vocabulary Alignment at Scale in the UMLS Metathesaurus Vinh Nguyen, Hong Yung Yip and Olivier Bodenreider
CEST Chair Title Authors
10:00-11:40 security Towards a Lightweight, Hybrid Approach for Detecting DOM XSS Vulnerabilities with Machine Learning William Melicher, Clement Fung, Lujo Bauer and Limin Jia
An Empirical Study of Real-World WebAssembly Binaries: Security, Languages, Use Cases Aaron Hilbig, Daniel Lehmann and Michael Pradel
Security of Alerting Authorities in the WWW: Measuring Namespaces, DNSSEC, and Web PKI Pouyan Fotouhi Tehrani, Eric Osterweil, Jochen Schiller, Thomas Schmidt and Matthias Wählisch
LChecker: Detecting Loose Comparison Bugs in PHP Penghui Li and Wei Meng
SEPAL: Towards a Large-scale Analysis of SEAndroid Policy Customization Dongsong Yu, Guangliang Yang, Guozhu Meng, Xiaorui Gong, Xiu Zhang, Xiaobo Xiang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yue Jiang, Kai Chen, Wei Zou, Wenke Lee and Wenchang Shi
10:00-11:40 user experience From personal data to digital legacy: Exploring conflicts in the sharing, security and privacy of post-mortem data Jack Holt, James Nicholson and Jan Smeddinck
ConceptGuide: Supporting Online Video Learning with Concept Map-based Recommendation of Learning Path Chien-Lin Tang, Jingxian Liao, Hao-Chuan Wang, Ching-Ying Sung and Wen-Chieh Lin
An Experimental Study to Understand User Experience and Perception Bias Occurred by Fact-checking Messages Sungkyu Park, Jaimie Yejean Park, Hyojin Chin, Jeong-Han Kang and Meeyoung Cha
Touchscreen Exploration of Visual Artwork for Blind People Dragan Ahmetovic, Nahyun Kwon, Uran Oh, Cristian Bernareggi and Sergio Mascetti
Generating Accurate Caption Units For Figure Captioning Xin Qian, Eunyee Koh, Fan Du, Sungchul Kim, Joel Chan, Ryan Rossi, Sana Malik and Tak Yeon Lee
10:00-11:40 economics Stochastic bandits for multi-platform budget optimization in online advertising Vashist Avadhanula, Riccardo Colini Baldeschi, Stefano Leonardi, Karthik Abinav Sankararaman and Okke Schrijvers
Incrementality Testing in Programmatic Advertising: Enhanced Precision with Doubled-Blind Designs Joel Barajas and Narayan Bhamidipati
FM^2: Field-matrixed Factorization Machines for Recommender Systems Yang Sun, Junwei Pan, Alex Zhang and Aaron Flores
Integrating Floor Plans into Hedonic Models for Rent Price Appraisal Kirill Solovev and Nicolas Pröllochs
Improving Text Encoder via Graph Neural Network in Sponsored Search Jason Zhu, Yanling Cui, Yuming Liu, Huasha Zhao, Hao Sun, Xue Li, Markus Pelger, Liangjie Zhang, Tianqi Yang and Ruofei Zhang
10:00-11:40 search Leveraging User Behavior History for Personalized Email Search Keping Bi, Pavel Metrikov, Chunyuan Li and Byungki Byun
Partial-Softmax Loss based Deep Hashing Rong-Cheng Tu, Xian-Ling Mao, Jia-Nan Guo, Wei Wei and Heyan Huang
Unsupervised Multi-Index Semantic Hashing Christian Hansen, Casper Hansen, Jakob Grue Simonsen, Stephen Alstrup and Christina Lioma
Learning a Product Relevance Model from Click-Through Data in e-Commerce Shaowei Yao, Jiwei Tan, Xi Chen, Keping Yang, Rong Xiao, Hongbo Deng and Xiaojun Wan
High-Dimensional Sparse Cross-Modal Hashing with Fine-Grained Similarity Embedding Yongxin Wang, Zhen-Duo Chen, Xin Luo and Xin-Shun Xu
11:50-13:30 social netowrks Hashing-Accelerated Graph Neural Networks for Link Prediction Wei Wu, Bin Li, Chuan Luo and Wolfgang Nejdl
Multi-view Graph Contrastive Representation Learning for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction Yingheng Wang, Yaosen Min, Xin Chen and Ji Wu
Multi-level Hyperedge Distillation for Social Linking Prediction on Sparsely Observed Networks Xiangguo Sun, Bo Liu, Hongxu Chen, Wang Han, Qing Meng, Jiuxin Cao and Hongzhi Yin
Self-Supervised Learning of Contextual Embeddings for Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Networks Ping Wang, Khushbu Agarwal, Colby Ham, Sutanay Choudhury and Chandan K. Reddy
Community Value Prediction in Social E-commerce Guozhen Zhang, Yong Li, Yuan Yuan, Fengli Xu, Hancheng Cao, Depeng Jin and Yujian Xu
11:50-13:30 user modeling RetaGNN: Relational Temporal Attentive Graph Neural Networks for Holistic Sequential Recommendation Cheng Hsu and Cheng-Te Li
Disentangling User Interest and Conformity for Recommendation with Causal Embedding Yu Zheng, Chen Gao, Xiang Li, Xiangnan He, Yong Li and Depeng Jin
Future-Aware Diverse Trends Framework for Recommendation Yujie Lu, Shengyu Zhang, Yingxuan Huang, Xinyao Yu, Luyao Wang, Zhou Zhao and Fei Wu
Graph Embedding for Recommendation against Attribute Inference Attacks Shijie Zhang, Hongzhi Yin, Tong Chen, Zi Huang, Lizhen Cui and Xiangliang Zhang
Field-aware Embedding Space Searching in Recommender Systems Xiangyu Zhao, Haochen Liu, Hui Liu, Jiliang Tang, Weiwei Guo, Jun Shi, Sida Wang, Huiji Gao and Bo Long
11:50-13:30 web mining Verdi: Quality Estimation and Error Detection for Bilingual Corpora Mingjun Zhao, Haijiang Wu, Di Niu, Zixuan Wang and Xiaoli Wang
Crosslingual Topic Modeling with WikiPDA Tiziano Piccardi and Robert West
Keyword-aware Abstractive Summarization by Extracting Set-level Intermediate Summaries Yizhu Liu, Qi Jia and Kenny Zhu
Graph Topic Neural Network for Document Representation Qianqian Xie, Jimin Huang, Pan Du, Min Peng and Jian-Yun Nie
Insightful Dimensionality Reduction with Very Low Rank Variable Subsets Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sachith Pai and Marta Kołczyńska
11:50-13:30 systems SDFVAE: Static and Dynamic Factorized VAE for Anomaly Detection of Multivariate CDN KPIs Liang Dai, Tao Lin, Chang Liu, Bo Jiang, Yanwei Liu, Zhen Xu and Zhi-Li Zhang
MicroRank: End-to-End Latency Issue Localization with Extended Spectrum Analysis in Microservice Environments Guangba Yu, Pengfei Chen, Hongyang Chen, Zijie Guan, Zicheng Huang, Linxiao Jing, Tianjun Weng, Xinmeng Sun and Xiaoyun Li
Outlier-Resilient Web Service QoS Prediction Fanghua Ye, Zhiwei Lin, Chuan Chen, Zibin Zheng and Hong Huang
Autodidactic Neurosurgeon: Collaborative Deep Inference for Mobile Edge Intelligence via Online Learning Letian Zhang, Lixing Chen and Jie Xu
Time-series Change Point Detection with Self-Supervised Contrastive Predictive Coding Shohreh Deldari, Daniel V. Smith, Hao Xue and Flora D. Salim
13:40-15:20 society REST: Reciprocal Framework for Spatiotemporal coupled predictions Haozhe Lin, Yushun Fan, Jia Zhang and Bing Bai
Predicting Customer Value with Social Relationships via Motif-based Graph Attention Networks Jinghua Piao, Guozhen Zhang, Fengli Xu, Zhilong Chen and Yong Li
HINTS: Citation Time Series Prediction for New Publications viaDynamic Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding Song Jiang, Bernard Koch and Yizhou Sun
Pick and Choose: A GNN-based Imbalanced Learning Approach for Fraud Detection Yang Liu, Xiang Ao, Zidi Qin, Jianfeng Chi, Jinghua Feng, Hao Yang and Qing He
Rumor Detection with Field of Linear and Non-Linear Propagation An Lao, Chongyang Shi and Yayi Yang
13:40-15:20 web mining Situation and Behavior Understanding by Trope Detection on Films Chen-Hsi Chang, Hung-Ting Su, Juiheng Hsu, Yu-Siang Wang, Yu-Cheng Chang, Zhe Yu Liu, Ya-Liang Chang, Wen-Feng Cheng, Ke-Jyun Wang and Winston Hsu
A Novel Macro-Micro Fusion Network for User Representation Learning on Mobile Apps Shuqing Bian, Xin Zhao, Kun Zhou, Xu Chen, Jing Cai, Yancheng He, Xingji Luo and Ji-Rong Wen
Where Next? A Dynamic Model of User Preferences Francesco Sanna Passino, Lucas Maystre, Dmitrii Moor, Ashton Anderson and Mounia Lalmas
Density-Ratio Based Personalised Ranking from Implicit Feedback Riku Togashi, Masahiro Kato, Mayu Otani and Shin’Ichi Satoh
Itinerary-aware Personalized Deep Matching at Fliggy Jia Xu, Ziyi Wang, Zulong Chen, Detao Lv, Yao Yu and Chuanfei Xu
13:40-15:20 web mining MATCH: Metadata-Aware Text Classification in A Large Hierarchy Yu Zhang, Zhihong Shen, Yuxiao Dong, Kuansan Wang and Jiawei Han
Minimally-Supervised Structure-Rich Text Categorization via Learning on Text-Rich Networks Xinyang Zhang, Chenwei Zhang, Xin Luna Dong, Jingbo Shang and Jiawei Han
Scalable Auto-weighted Discrete Multi-view Clustering Longqi Yang, Liangliang Zhang and Yuhua Tang
Linguistically-Enriched and Context-Aware Zero-shot Slot filling A.B. Siddique, Fuad Jamour and Vagelis Hristidis
Enquire One’s Parent and Child Before Decision: Fully Exploit Hierarchical Structure for Self-Supervised Taxonomy Expansion Suyuchen Wang, Ruihui Zhao, Xi Chen, Yefeng Zheng and Bang Liu
13:40-15:20 semantics Typing Errors in Factual Knowledge Graphs: Severity and Possible Ways Out Peiran Yao and Denilson Barbosa
Few-Shot Knowledge Validation using Rules Michael Loster, Davide Mottin, Paolo Papotti, Jan Ehmueller, Benjamin Feldmann and Felix Naumann
OntoZSL: Ontology-enhanced Zero-shot Learning Yuxia Geng, Jiaoyan Chen, Zhuo Chen, Jeff Z. Pan, Zhiquan Ye, Zonggang Yuan, Yantao Jia and Huajun Chen
Trav-SHACL: Efficiently Validating Networks of SHACL Constraints Philipp D. Rohde, Mónica Figuera and Maria-Esther Vidal
Online Disease Self-diagnosis with Inductive Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks Zifeng Wang, Rui Wen, Xi Chen, Shilei Cao, Shao-Lun Huang, Buyue Qian and Yefeng Zheng
15:30-17:10 social networks Causal Network Motifs: Identifying Heterogeneous Spillover Effects in A/B Tests Yuan Yuan, Kristen Altenburger and Farshad Kooti
MSTREAM: Fast Anomaly Detection in Multi-Aspect Streams Siddharth Bhatia, Arjit Jain, Pan Li, Ritesh Kumar and Bryan Hooi
Knowledge-Preserving Incremental Social Event Detection via Heterogeneous GNNs Yuwei Cao, Hao Peng, Jia Wu, Yingtong Dou, Jianxin Li and Philip Yu
How Do Hyperedges Overlap in Real-World Hypergraphs? – Patterns, Measures, and Generators Geon Lee, Minyoung Choe and Kijung Shin
STruD: Truss Decomposition of Simplicial Complexes Giulia Preti, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales and Francesco Bonchi
15:30-17:10 web mining Constructing Explainable Opinion Graphs from Reviews Nofar Carmeli, Xiaolan Wang, Yoshihiko Suhara, Stefanos Angelidis, Yuliang Li, Jinfeng Li and Wang-Chiew Tan
The Surprising Performance of Simple Baselines for Misinformation Detection Kellin Pelrine, Jacob Danovitch and Reihaneh Rabbany
MQuadE: a Unified Model for Knowledge Fact Embedding Jinxing Yu, Yunfeng Cai, Mingming Sun and Ping Li
Target-adaptive Graph for Cross-target Stance Detection Bin Liang, Yonghao Fu, Lin Gui, Min Yang, Jiachen Du, Yulan He and Ruifeng Xu
Mining Dual Emotion for Fake News Detection Xueyao Zhang, Juan Cao, Xirong Li, Qiang Sheng, Lei Zhong and Kai Shu
15:30-17:10 semantics Beyond I.I.D.: Three Levels of Generalization for Question Answering on Knowledge Bases Yu Gu, Sue Kase, Michelle Vanni, Brian Sadler, Percy Liang, Xifeng Yan and Yu Su
Improving Neural Question Generation using Deep Linguistic Representation Wei Yuan, Tieke He and Xinyu Dai
Diverse and Specific Clarification Question Generation with Keywords Zhiling Zhang and Kenny Zhu
Knowledge-Aware Procedural Text Understanding with Multi-Stage Training Zhihan Zhang, Xiubo Geng, Tao Qin, Yunfang Wu and Daxin Jiang
Multi-level Connection Enhanced Representation Learning for Script Event Prediction Lihong Wang, Juwei Yue, Shu Guo, Jiawei Sheng, Qianren Mao, Zhenyu Chen, Shenghai Zhong and Chen Li
15:30-17:10 society Unsupervised Lifelong Learning with Curricula Yi He, Sheng Chen, Baijun Wu, Xu Yuan and Xindong Wu
Taxonomy-aware Learning for Few-shot Event Detection Jianming Zheng, Fei Cai, Wanyu Chen, Wengqiang Lei and Honghui Chen
DistCare: Distilling Knowledge from Publicly Available Online EMR Data to Emerging Epidemic for Prognosis Liantao Ma, Xinyu Ma, Junyi Gao, Xianfeng Jiao, Zhihao Yu, Chaohe Zhang, Wenjie Ruan, Yasha Wang, Wen Tang and Jiangtao Wang
AID: Active Distillation Machine to Leverage Pre-Trained Black-Box Models in Private Data Settings Nghia Hoang, Shenda Hong, Cao Xiao, Bryan Low and Jimeng Sun
User Simulation via Supervised Generative Adversarial Network Xiangyu Zhao, Long Xia, Lixin Zou, Hui Liu, Dawei Yin and Jiliang Tang
CEST Chair Title Authors
10:00-11:40 security Adversarial Item Promotion: Vulnerabilities at the Core of Top-N Recommenders that Use Images to Address Cold Start Zhuoran Liu and Martha Larson
Robust Android Malware Detection Against Adversarial Example Attacks Heng Li, Shiyao Zhou, Wei Yuan, Xiapu Luo, Cuiying Gao and Shuiyan Chen
Where are you taking me? Understanding Abusive Traffic Distribution Systems Janos Szurdi, Meng Luo, Brian Kondracki, Nick Nikiforakis and Nicolas Christin
One Detector to Rule Them All: Towards a General Deepfake Attack Detection Framework Shahroz Tariq, Sangyup Lee and Simon Woo
A Targeted Attack on Black-Box Neural Machine Translation with Parallel Data Poisoning Chang Xu, Jun Wang, Yuqing Tang, Francisco Guzman, Benjamin Rubinstein and Trevor Cohn
10:00-11:40 social networks On the Equivalence of Decoupled Graph Convolution Network and Label Propagation Hande Dong, Jiawei Chen, Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Shuxian Bi, Zhaolin Ding and Peng Cui
Mixup for Node and Graph Classification Yiwei Wang, Wei Wang, Yuxuan Liang, Yujun Cai and Bryan Hooi
Effective and Scalable Clustering on Massive Attributed Graphs Renchi Yang, Jieming Shi, Yin Yang, Keke Huang, Shiqi Zhang and Xiaokui Xiao
Mask-GVAE: Blind De-noising Graphs via Partition Jia Li, Mengzhou Liu, Honglei Zhang, Pengyun Wang, Yong Wen, Lujia Pan and Hong Cheng
Bridging the Gap between von Neumann Graph Entropy and Structural Information: Theory and Applications Xuecheng Liu, Luoyi Fu and Xinbing Wang
10:00-11:40 search Unbiased Loss Functions for Extreme Scale Classification With Missing Labels Mohammadreza Mohammadnia Qararei, Erik Schultheis, Priyanshu Gupta and Rohit Babbar
ECLARE: Extreme Classification with Label Graph Correlations Anshul Mittal, Noveen Sachdeva, Sheshansh Agrawal, Sumeet Agarwal, Purushottam Kar and Manik Varma
GalaXC: Graph neurAI networks with Labelwise Attention for eXtreme Classification Deepak Saini, Arnav Kumar Jain, Kushal Dave, Jian Jiao, Amit Singh, Ruofei Zhang and Manik Varma
Generalizing Discriminative Retrieval Models using Generative Tasks Binsheng Liu, Hamed Zamani, Xiaolu Lu and J. Shane Culpepper
FedPS: A Privacy Protection Enhanced Personalized Search Framework Jing Yao, Zhicheng Dou and Ji-Rong Wen
10:00-11:40 society Auditing for Bias in Algorithms Delivering Job Ads Basileal Imana, Aleksandra Korolova and John Heidemann
Debiasing Career Recommendations with Neural Fair Collaborative Filtering Rashidul Islam, Kamrun Naher Keya, Ziqian Zeng, Shimei Pan and James Foulds
The Interaction between Political Typology and Filter Bubbles in News Recommendation Algorithms Ping Liu, Karthik Shivaram, Aron Culotta, Matthew A. Shapiro and Mustafa Bilgic
Dialect Diversity in Text Summarization on Twitter L. Elisa Celis and Vijay Keswani
Fairness Aware PageRank Sotiris Tsioutsiouliklis, Evaggelia Pitoura, Panayiotis Tsaparas, Ilias Kleftakis and Nikos Mamoulis
11:50-13:30 user modeling Cost-Effective and Interpretable Job Skill Recommendation with Deep Reinforcement Learning Ying Sun, Fuzhen Zhuang, Hengshu Zhu, Qing He and Hui Xiong
Personalized Approximate Pareto-Efficient Recommendation Ruobing Xie, Yanlei Liu, Shaoliang Zhang, Rui Wang, Feng Xia and Leyu Lin
Learning from User Feedback on Explanations to Improve Recommender Models Azin Ghazimatin, Soumajit Pramanik, Rishiraj Saha Roy and Gerhard Weikum
Bidirectional Distillation for Top-K Recommender System Wonbin Kweon, Seongku Kang and Hwanjo Yu
Towards Content Provider Aware Recommender Systems: A Simulation Study on the Interplay between User and Provider Utilities Ruohan Zhan, Konstantina Christakopoulou, Ya Le, Jayden Ooi, Martin Mladenov, Alex Beutel, Craig Boutilier, Ed Chi and Minmin Chen
11:50-13:30 social networks Robust Network Alignment via Attack Signal Scaling and Adversarial Perturbation Elimination Yang Zhou, Zeru Zhang, Sixing Wu, Victor Sheng, Xiaoying Han, Zijie Zhang and Ruoming Jin
ATTENT: Active Attributed Network Alignment Qinghai Zhou, Liangyue Li, Xintao Wu, Nan Cao, Lei Ying and Hanghang Tong
BRIGHT: A Bridging Algorithm for Network Alignment Yuchen Yan, Si Zhang and Hanghang Tong
Sketch-Based Algorithms for Approximate Shortest Paths in Road Networks Gaurav Aggarwal, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Raghavender R and Ali Kemal Sinop
Efficient Reductions and A Fast Algorithm of Maximum Weighted Independent Set Mingyu Xiao, Sen Huang, Yi Zhou and Bolin Ding
11:50-10:30 economics Auction Design for ROI-Constrained Buyers Negin Golrezaei, Ilan Lobel and Renato Paes Leme
Bid Prediction in Repeated Auctions with Learning Gali Noti and Vasilis Syrgkanis
Towards Efficient Auctions for Auto-bidders Yuan Deng, Jieming Mao, Vahab Mirrokni and Song Zuo
Information Elicitation from Rowdy Crowds Grant Schoenebeck, Fang-Yi Yu and Yichi Zhang
Evaluating the Rationales of Retail Investors Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
11:50-13:30 semantics Information Extraction From Co-Occurring Similar Entities Nicolas Heist and Heiko Paulheim
Unsupervised Semantic Association Learning with Latent Label Inference Yanzhao Zhang, Richong Zhang, Jaein Kim, Xudong Liu and Yongyi Mao
TCN: Table Convolutional Network for Web Table Interpretation Daheng Wang, Prashant Shiralkar, Colin Lockard, Binxuan Huang, Xin Luna Dong and Meng Jiang
Extracting Contextualized Quantity Facts from Web Tables Vinh Thinh Ho, Koninika Pal, Simon Razniewski, Klaus Berberich and Gerhard Weikum
Searching to Sparsify Tensor Decomposition for N-ary relational data Shimin Di, Quanming Yao and Lei Chen
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