Who are we?

Since the Web was invented in 1989, the Web Conference (formerly known as the World Wide Web conference) has been the premier conference focused on understanding the current state and the evolution of the Web through the lens of computer science, computational social science, economics, public policy and many other disciplines. The conference aims to bring together the academics, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and end-users of the Web with one goal: to create the future of the Web.
Over three decades, The Web Conference has been the conference where some of the most fundamental web technologies have been introduced. The groundbreaking PageRank algorithm started modern web search engines (1998), focused crawling (1999), the bow-tie shape of the Web graph (2000), the role of RDF in the semantic Web (2000), the item-based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithms that are prevalent in ecommerce sites (2001), the first knowledge graph (2007), and more have all been first introduced as part of The Web Conference series.

PACKAGES: Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Named
Amount (€): 40.000 20.000 10.000 5.000 2.500
email conference attendees though chairs 2 1 1    
direct contact to attendees via online platform yes        
access to VIP lounge yes yes yes    
special thanks during opening and closing ceremonies yes yes yes yes  
logo recognition at the acknowledgement banner yes yes yes yes yes
projection of logo in the plenary room before sessions yes yes yes yes yes
announcements in the conference program 1 inner cover and double inner page 1 double inner page 1 inner page ½ inner page ¼ inner page
logo in conference program yes yes yes yes yes
logo and link on the conference website to the sponsor’s page top level 2nd level 3rd level 4th level bottom level
company description on the conference website yes yes yes    
press release announcing the sponsors yes yes yes yes  
logo at the conference newsletter yes yes yes yes  
logo and the link on the post-conference report yes yes yes    
possibility to contact opted in participants yes Yes      
free registrations 8 4 1 1  
special track invitations yes yes yes yes  
nominate speakers 2 1      
virtual exhibition (video, chat and live online presentations) yes yes yes    
job posts yes yes yes    
speed job interview yes yes      
company dedicated job fair (scheduled in the program) yes        
break-out room with special program sponsor yes yes      
virtual material, delivered to all participants yes yes yes yes yes
special dedicated content to be defined        
In addition we offer:
logo on the virtual badge – main conference, special track 2.000 €
evening event sponsor (one) 2.000 €
sponsor of the day (one) 2.000 €
special track sponsor (more) 2.000 €

For more information, please contact sponsorship cairs or twc@pitea.si

Balaji Krishnapuram

Sponsorship co-chair

James Shanahan

Sponsorship co-chair
UC Berkeley

Mark Minevich

Sponsorship co-chair
Going Global Ventures

Hongxia Yang

Sponsorship co-chair

Yang Yang

Sponsorship co-chair
Zhejiang University

The Web Conference is announcing latest news and developments biweekly or on a monthly basis. We respect The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.